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Don't let the style fool you! our Coronado metal futon is much sturdier than cheaper versions you see at department stores and has a full one year warranty!
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The Tribecca hardwood frame is available in chair, twin size full size and queen size hardwood futon frames and nearly every wood color.
The Monterey futon, built with solid hardwood, available in chair, twin size, full size, lounger and queen size, and every hardwood!
The Capri is our most popular, hard wood with a contemporary look, and is available with all our futon mattresses and covers.
The 'Monterey'
The 'Tribecca'
The 'Capri'
The 'Venus' convertible sofa is one of
our favorites.  It has a solid metal
frame and is available in White,
Brown or Black Vinyl, and Brown or
Black Microfiber. Only $339.99!
YES, These look just like the ones in the big
box stores but they are DIFFERENT (Read
Below). We offer a full one year in store
warranty.  Plus you choose the mattress you
like best.  Do you really want to buy a futon
you can't even sit on to try first? *
*  These futons may look similar to others offered at larger retailers. However, there are major differences in construction.  Our
frames come in a single long box, with the mattress packaged separately. Their frames often come in a square box that
requires additional assembly(every piece has a right and left side to join), and additional braces underneath which often are
the first parts to break.  Also, with the mattress packed inside the box, you have no opportunity to upgrade to a better
mattress. And, at the Futon Factory, we warranty all our metal frames
in house  for a full year!
The 'Coronado/Saturn'
This little Twin convertible
is a great space saver! It is
especially solid with a metal
frame. Durable Brown Vinyl
cover, and Only $299.99
This shows our Lounger pulled out into a bed- With 2 piece mattress you just add the second piece on the end!
Mattress turned and 'stuffed'- see new 2 Piece mattresses for more options!
Lounger is a full size bed turned the other way to take up less wall space!
Twin Lounger with foot stool out- With a 2 piece mattress it would make a 'Man size' Chair!
this shows it pulled out into a twin bed. With 2 piece mattress you would just add the second piece at the end.
Twin lounge with extra mattress folded over back to save space.
Different positions of a Full Size lounger
Different positions of a Twin Size lounger
Most of our Futons are available in 'Lounger' style. They still make twin and Full size beds, but
take up less wall space. To save even more space consider our new 2 piece mattresses!
To save even more space, consider a 2 piece mattress!
'Capri' love seat with 2 piece mattress and full 'Soho' with coffee table
We have more examples in the store, come and see us!
How our
lounger works
(Demo) Video
Convertible Sofas - Space savers
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The FUTON FACTORY has the areas most complete selection of Futons, Custom covers and pillows, Bunk Beds, Day Beds, and
Organic and chemical free products. Our futons are compact and easy to move and assemble. However we also have delivery St. Joseph,
Benton Harbor, Cassopolis,  Niles, Berrien Springs, New Buffalo, South Haven, Saugatuck, and Edwardsburg.
The Futon Factory is a locally owned business serving all of  Michiana including: New Buffalo, Berrien Springs, St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, South Haven, Saugatuck, Cassopolis, and Edwardsburg.
NEW 'Checker' Click Clack is
going to make any room look
great! And its AFFORDABLE!
Only $349.99
Attention Students! Like us on Facebook - and mention this ad for a special offer!  All our
futons have an in store warranty. We have been taking great care of students for 15 years!
Only 72 inches long!
The 'Monte Christo'
Sale! $269.99
Sale! $339.99
The 'Marla' Click clack  has a
fold down table in the middle
and folds to a bed- Only $359.99
The 'Avalon' is also new this year.
It gives you even more ways to
save space! Only $319.99
Sale! Solid hardwood
frames Full or Full
Lounger with basic
mattress, Your choice
only $399.99
Futon Accessories
Look what the 'Dallas' Convertible can do! $429.99
This style saves space with a folding
table. Also only $349.99.
Only 72 inches long!
We are offering a special
price on several styles of
Hardwood loungers
including a single piece
mattress as shown above.

Full size frame and mattress
only $399.99

Twin Size frame and
only $379.99

(Cover purchased
Only 78 inches long!
Only 80 inches long!
New styles including folding flip out foam beds
will be here soon! Like our facebook page for
most current information and promotions!
The Foot stool section of our loungers
store underneath, so when you use a
2 piece mattress you can push the
foot stool in and have a true love seat
style. (See the demo below)
These solid hardwood frames are our best sellers year
round! Very easy to assemble with 2 year warranty and
3 colors of wood to choose (subject to availability). Full
Size or  Full Loungers available (see Lounger Below)
Metal deck with stylish hardwood arms
Sale! $369.99
These Frames have sturdy wood
arms with Metal mesh deck.  
They have a 'furniture look' at a
lower price.  Price includes a
basic black mattress, but
washable futon covers are
available (and recommended)
starting at $39.99
Call ahead (574) 273-2660 or email to find out about our free delivery offer!
Only 72 inches long!
Only 72 inches long!
Only 74 inches long!
Only 72-76 inches long!
  These prices all include one of our more basic mattresses,
much better than the box stores. These mattresses are
black. We have (and recommend) washable covers in many
solid colors in stock from $39.99. We order custom design
covers and pillows at no extra cost an can drop them at
campus also if necessary.  
 Waterproof Protective covers
are available that encase the mattress protecting it
from Water (or other Liquids) ;)
Only 80 -82 inches long! Queen Frames 86-88 inches